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Caregiver Mission Statement

I have created this website, as a professional Caregiver, to document the manner in which I provide personal care for my individual clients. I've also "looked at other websites" on the Internet for educational information, references and resources that may be of use to you. Therefore, my real goal is to help you achieve your "goals" today and in the future using the three "B's of Caregiving", by Denise M. Brown [Revised]:

"It's exhausting. It's sad. It's aggravating. It's caregiving," explains Denise Brown. However, she is not saying it's "unwelcome" or that it's "intolerable".

"Find your limits and boundaries," Brown recommends. "It's essential to set realistic limits on your abilities, respect your boundaries and welcome the best help possible."

An inevitable question is: How long can you afford (emotionally, financially, physically) to provide care in your client's home? In many situations it may take several caregivers, working on a shift basis, to sustain an appropriate level of service. Caregiving , which can be a long-term commitment, will take its toll.

"In all that you do, one priority stays constant: Your own health. Maintaining a semblance of yourself outside your role, even if only for an hour each day, and enjoying a true support system (one which honors your role, rather than one that questions it) helps you stay well," notes Brown.

"Trying to do it all means you get lost in the shuffle--something has to give. Caregiving will eat up more time and energy than you can ever imagine. In order to manage the experience, it's important to be honest about how much you can handle and for how long and then fill those voids with community programs, family help, health care providers," Brown reminds us.

Brown's advice to Caregivers is valid: "Gather information early on and as soon as possible, so that you have options and choices available when needed."

Document the Routine

You know the routine like the back of your hand (or maybe the inside of a washing machine), but if you need help in an emergency, would your replacement know?

Take time to document your caregiving routine. Consider: