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R. David Herndon, Caregiver

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What is a Professional Caregiver?

A Professional Caregiver’s main responsibility is to care for another individual in a private home. Also known as a home health aide, elder care companion, or personal care attendant, a Professional Caregiver assists someone recovering from surgery, an elderly person who needs assistance with the activities of daily living, or a person with a chronic condition who requires help with personal care and companionship. Professional Caregivers are available on a live-in or live-out basis, as well as short term and long term. This level of care is appropriate for any individual needing assistance in maintaining independence in daily living.

What are the responsibilities of a Professional Caregiver?

A Professional Caregiver assists with the client’s daily activities.

Duties generally include:

What is the salary for a Professional Caregiver

The salary for a Professional Caregiver is based on the amount of experience the candidate brings to the position and the duties included in the job description. A full-time live-out Professional Caregiver typically earns $45,000 to $55,000 annually. A full-time live-in Professional Caregiver typically earns $3,000 to $4,500 a month. A part-time live-out Professional Caregiver earns between $20-25 per hour. The benefits for a full-time Professional Caregiver may include paid sick days, paid holidays, and paid vacation, as well as medical insurance and reimbursement for automobile expenses.
[ Federal Minimum Wage ]
If you do not care about the "quality of service", you may wish to hire a less experienced, in-home Caregiver at the Federal Minimum Wage. Before you entertain this consideration, remember that a gallon of milk presently costs $3.99 and a gallon of gas may cost up to $4.50. The U. S. Government's Fair Labor Standards (FLA) supports a wage structure below the poverty level as well as "out-sourcing" of jobs by corporate employers. Your mechanic charges $89-per-hour or more! Therefore, the equity in pay and cost of goods are out of sync. Would YOU trade YOUR skills and experience for "minimum wage"? There's not very much respect between client and Caregiver if one's labor is not valued with honor and real compensation.

If YOU "must negotiate" a salary, remember that a Caregiver is really "living their Life" for YOU... taking care of YOU... (when your children won't or can't)... it is out of dedication and compassion that a Professional Caregiver "makes their time" available to YOU, to enhance the quality of your Life everyday.

Factor in the "misery" of support "turn-over" if you try to nickel and dime personal care help when it comes to "salary".

YOU deserve an "independent living" lifestyle. YOUR option is a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) that may cost up to $5,000-per-month. (And the conditions are much less than inviting when compared to remaining in your home!)

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