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“Joy of Thanksgiving Creative Gallery” ©




You may include (use) traditional objects like gourds, dried ears of corn and other seasonal,
fall items usually/ displayed at Thanksgiving. 
NO:  PAPER, plastic or artificial.  Please focus
on the
Wonder Valley desert and rural living.

Natural Adhesives

Use clay, sand, strips of laced bark to assemble your presentation.  Excluded:  Wire (copper or otherwise) rubber cement, plaster, mortar or hot glue, tacks, nails, pins or twine/ floral tape.

Mail Your Entry
October 15, 2008

You may enter UP TO THREE (3) categories.
Please submit on a timely basis.  Late entries
will not be accepted or considered.


Twentynine Palms: [ To be announced ]

Wonder Valley:  November 27, 2008
Delivery:  November 25, at a confirmed time.
Call:  RDavid Herndon — 760-361-4741


Confirm With:  RDavid Herndon — 760-361-4741


Each category will be awarded:  First/ Second/
and Creative Consideration (3rd) Awards.

Hold Harmless

Each entry must be safe & sane.  Please limit your entries to materials that are NOT “sharp” .  Acceptance of your entry for public display must withstand potential touching and movement.  You agree to accept FULL RESPONSIBILITY for all claims related to your display.  RDavid Herndon and other designated persons will not be responsible under any circumstances, including other participants or judges.  Refusal of entries is RESERVED if deemed to be a potential hazard or generally NOT for public viewing.

You give explicit permission to MOVE your submission
to an area for “display/ safety/ convenience” without
your being present.  Time is of the essence.

Your Signature:

I accept and confirm the rules listed above:

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Print Name: _____________________________

Address: ________________________________
City/ State/ ZipCode: ______________________

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