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Displayed in our "slideshow viewer" above are species from our wildflower collection. Please choose a packet of seeds listed on the FORM. However, our choice of wildflower seeds may be "randomly picked" from the collection of 300+ species and based on the current supply on hand. We are unable to "guarantee" your selection. Showing us your "preference" will assist us when we purchase seeds in bulk.

[Individual packets of your choice may be purchased. Kindly ask.]

By return e-mail, we will provide instructions to claim your FREE packet of seeds. [We do not pay postage.] :: [Example: 2,000 requests X $.42 = $840.] + our volunteer labor, cost of seeds and assembly. Kindly understand that postage is beyond our budget. S.A.S.E. is required (a self-addressed, stamped, #10 business envelope).

Our dazzling, fall bulk offer:

Select by our bulk BIN-number, not by specie or "common name". To select your choice pick your color(s). There is a minimum order of one full pound (four 1/4-lbs, = 1-lb.) or 100% of one color (1-lb.) Each item is packaged independent of other colors. Only the mixed-color selection will have a variety of up to four colors per pound.

Green thumb gardeners love to share wildflower seeds with friends, family and relatives. Kindly share the URL website address with those on your email list.

Yes, we offer "quotations by specie" -- based on the availability from the grower. When possible, we will "match" non-sale (retail) quotes WITHIN the USA when properly validated. To ensure fresh, quality seed -- we do not engage in International Trade. USA seed growers must meet U.S. Department of Agriculture standards. It is our goal to avoid import fees and restrictions normally associated with bulbs, roses and other flora.

Prices shown are subject to change without notice.

All orders: Plus: shipping, handling, insurance and confirmation. Beyond California, no sales tax.

[*] Please, NO RETAIL sales to merchants. Adults: Ask for a $10 Coupon (No Cash Value.
One per person/ per address. Applied to 1-lb. column [$49.00]
Not good in combination with any other offer.
BIN:Color 1/4-lb. 1/2-lb.     1-lb.*
BULK-red-001 $ 15.00 $ 26.00 $49.00
BULK-white-002 $ 15.00 $ 26.00 $49.00
BULK-blue-003 $ 15.00 $ 26.00 $49.00
BULK-yellow-004 $ 15.00 $ 26.00 $49.00
BULK-mixed-005 $ 15.00 $ 26.00 $49.00

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