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Treading on Despair; Proactive Survival~

I've been a customer of Washington Mutual (WAMU) for a number of years, probably less than ten. I feel like I have disembarked a sailing ship that struggled to make port along the Pacific Coast corridor. The mighty financial ocean of distress sent WAMU into a reef of disaster. Having watched WAMU's progressive demise, I planned in advance to transfer my assets instantly to another community bank because I did not know "who" might plunder it next. Or, if WAMU would forever sit around looking for a buyer. (JP Morgan bought WAMU.)

WAMU began in Seattle, WA after the great fire in 1889. You can learn more: WAMU History :: 1889-2008.

Circa: 1971, I worked for an advertising agency whose client list included a number of savings and loan associations in Northern California. Do you remember the S&L crisis?

Next came the era of "down-sizing" corporate America: somewhere around 1985. I've never been "fired" or "forced to resign" during my entire career of 30-years. Generally, I embrace change (and curosity) hence, I've remained on the job randomly, about five-years-each Astonishingly enough, I've been associated with a number of prominent businesses that failed and filed bankruptcy. A major health insurance provider, an alternative wind-energy company, a major law firm in San Francisco. Life has been like a "pin-ball" machine, bouncing over, around, up & down the table with my head in my hand.

People talk about the "ladder of success" and I smile. I've had great success "beginning" at the top of the ladder by choice. Why invest my skills at the bottom and work my way up? Experience and a good education primed me for the view "from the top" in whatever endeavor I chose. But, while "other people fail"-- I can't control meandering defaults.

Today, I've followed a path by my own definition. Which means: I haven't retired~ I've merely taken a higher road of my own consideration. I certainly have a number of people to THANK along the way. Trying to do it all by myself is a mistake and a potential blemish on my professional record of success.

My opinion is mine alone. However; I worry about the economy and Social Security benefits. Food, fuel and housing are primary considerations for everybody. I can only say "God Bless" your decision making abilities during this intense time of adversity.

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