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Provide Reliable Service: Subscribe to MERIT BARTER NETWORK

You're got "reliable" skills and more hours on your hand than jobs to do. Bartering your services is not a new concept. Merit Barter Network helps you to accelerate your "availability -- using "zip code demographics" by focusing on YOUR community.

Merit provides the professional marketing, publicity and public relations to ensure that you are "matched" with folk just like yourself-- willing to work; willing to barter your skills.

Webmaster at Work!

Or, advertise on our website: >Up to fifty words for ten-dollars per week. Avoid ugly bulletin board notices that look like fly-by-night transitional, no show tradesmen & women. Think: Integrity, Dependability and Guaranteed Services.

  • Apartment move-out cleaning?
  • Caregiver [m/f]?
  • Carpenter?
  • Catering: Special events?
  • Computer wizard?
  • Concrete work or rock walls?
  • Creative artist?
  • Dog, cat or horse services?
  • Drapery?
  • Drinking water sales?
  • Drip irrigation?
  • Driver?
  • Electrician?
  • Evaporative cooler repair?
  • House or pet sitting?
  • Housekeeper?
  • In home cook?
  • Interior design?
  • Landscape designer?
  • Mechanic?
  • Moving/ packing?
  • Office worker?
  • Photographer?
  • Sewing and design?
  • Small appliance repair?
  • Solar panels?
  • Website designer?

    Every skill/ talent in the book can be exchanged as part of the "barter system" to provide services for you that are "reliable" and equal to REDUCING your out-of-pocket cash payment.

    001-Sponsor: 3-months  |  $30
    002-Silver: 6-months  |  $75
    003-Gold: 9-months  |  $180
    004-Associate: 12-months  |  $225

    Make your business GROW, guaranteed! Accelerate your retail or business service income! Contact Merit Business Associates for assistance with: Public Relations, Marketing, Publicity, Project Management and the Internet. 
    Ask a Professional Business Consultant
    . to help you achieve your goals and develop a Business Plan.

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    Webmaster at Work!

    Please invite your friends, relatives, neighbors and business associates to visit the launch of CURRENT NEWS! We are planning some useful give-a-ways, community coupons and items of value! There is no cost. You may register for accelerated benefits and OPT-OUT when you like. LIMITED to adults only, please.

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